Emily Gin

Voice Actor

Contact: EmilyGinVO@gmail.com


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Featured Work

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THE SCHOOL OF FIGHTAnnie LionhartLuke Lee
Puzzle and Sling: Boredom KillersPuzzleAnika Price
ArktusKianIrene Zheng
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Chaos KartTokBaka Bros Entertainment
Kiss/OffZShark and Pelican Games
J-TownYuriStar Town
I Wanna be a MageChild NauHearts In Two
Dooro BearSupporting - SwordAlpha Audio


BoothSingle-walled isolation booth, Rockwool sound treatment
MicrophoneNeumann TLM 103
InterfaceUniversal Audio Volt 276
Speed800 mbps up, 700 mbps down, wired

ADR-Ready & Source-Connect Capable


Private Coaching (Character)Mick Wingert, Richard Horvitz, Richard Tatum
Private Coaching (Commercial)Mary Lynn Wissner, Dave Bisson, Richard Tatum, Jasmine Greene
CharacterSara Jane Sherman, Samantha Morrison, Amber Lee Connors, Brook Chalmers, Stephanie Sheh, Mick Wingert, Crispin Freeman, Mami Okada, Corina Boettger, Elley-Ray Hennessy, Heather Gonzalez, June Yoon, Michael Allan Schneider, Patrick Seitz, Wendee Lee
ADRTony Oliver, Jason Lord, Jose Sandoval (with directors: Chris Rager, Jill Harris, and Shawn Gann), Anthony Rodriguez
Video GamesPhilip Bache, Brent Mukai, Chris Hackney
On-CameraJoe-Norman Shaw
Additional WorkshopsHarry Dunn (Promo), Jared Cohen (Promo), Hans Wackershauser, Cory Yee, Kiba Walker, Anthony Rodriguez, P.M. Seymour


Emily Gin is a Chinese voice actor in several indie games, dubbed animation, and award-winning animated short films.

Some of my oldest memories are of watching Pixar movies and Nickelodeon cartoons after school. To this day, animated movies, cartoons, anime, and video games continue to inspire me in my work and life, and I hope to bring laughter and joy into the lives of everyone who hears my work!Aside from voiceover, I have completed a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and run an Etsy shop selling 3D printed planters and night lights with my family called The Build Plate!

Contact: EmilyGinVO@gmail.com